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Lennox Blower Motor 60L21

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NOTE: Part 60L21 replaced 29W71 21W85 45H31 18M26 79A52 21L92 89C36 57C25 45H69 37J25 89C3601 57C2501 45H6901 100649-11 100649-01 79A5201 60L2101 45H3101 37J2501 21L9201 18M2601

Used in the following models:

78RGF3-50 78RGF3-75 78UGF3-50 78UGF3-75 78UGF3X-50 78UGF3X-75 80AF1DF045P12A 80AF1DF070P12A 80AF1UH045P12A 80AF1UH045P12AL 80AF1UH070P12A 80AF1UH070P12AL 80AF1UH090P12B 80MGF3/4-100A 80MGF3/4-100S 80MGF3/4X-100A 80MGF3-60A 80MGF3-75A 80MGF3-75S 80MGF3X-60A 80MGF3X-75A 80MGF-60 80MGF-75 80UHG2-60A 80UHG3-60A 80UHG3-75A 80UHG3X-60A 80UHG3X-75A 80UHGM3-75 90UGFA3-75 92AF1DF045P12B 92AF1DF070P12B 92AF1UH045P12B 92AF1UH070P12B 92AF1UH090P12C 92G1DF045BP12 92G1DF070BP12 92G1UH045BP12 92G1UH070BP12 92G1UH090CP12 95AF1DF045P12B 95AF1DF070P12B 95AF1UH070P12B 95AF1UH090P12C A80UH1D045A12 A80UH1D045A12L A80UH1D070A12 A80UH1D070A12L A80UH1D090B12 A93DF1D045B12A A93DF1D070B12A A93UH1D045B12A A93UH1D070B12A A93UH1D090C12A AM30Q2/3-70 EL195DF045P36B EL195UH045P36B EL195UH070P36B EL195UH090P36C ELG18UH075P36A F8AUH-060 F8AUH-075 G11D2-82 G11D2E-40 G11D2E-82 G11D2E-82V G11E-40 G11E-82 G11Q2-82 G11Q3-82 G11Q3E-40 G11Q3E-82 G11Q3E-82V G12Q2/3X-60 G12Q3-110 G12Q3-137 G12Q3-82 G12Q3E-110 G12Q3E-28 G12Q3E-40 G12Q3E-82 G12RQ3-110 G12RQ3-137 G12RQ3-82 G12RQ3E-110 G12RQ3E-137 G12RQ3E-82 G14-40 G14-60 G14-80 G14Q3CAN-40 G14Q3CAN-60 G14Q3CAN-80 G16Q3-50 G16Q3-75 G16Q3H-50 G16Q3H-75 G16Q3X-50 G16Q3X-75 G16RQ3-50 G16RQ3-75 G16RQ3X-50 G16RQ3X-75 G17Q3-75 G17Q3X-75 G17Q4-75 G17Q4X-75 G17RQ2/3-50 G17RQ3-75 G20Q3-125 G20Q3-50 G20Q3-75 G20Q3E-125 G20Q3E-50 G20Q3E-75 G20Q3X-125 G20Q3X-50 G20Q3X-75 G20R(Q3,Q4)(E,X)-75(H) G20R(Q3,Q4/5)(E,X)-125(H) G20RQ2/3(E,X)-50(H) G21Q3-40 G21Q3-60 G21Q3-80 G23Q2/3-75 G23Q3-100 G23Q3-50 G24M2/3-75A-T G24M3-60A G24M3-60S G24M3-75A G24M3-75S G24M3X-60A G24M3X-60S G24M3X-75A G24M3X-75S G26Q3-50 G26Q3-75 G27M3-75A G32Q3-75 G40DF-36A-045 G40DF-36A-070 G40DF-36A-070X G40DF-36B-090 G40DF-36C-110 G40UH-36A-045 G40UH-36A-070 G40UH-36A-070X G40UH-36B-090 G40UH-36C-110 G41UF-36B-045 G41UF-36B-070 G41UF-36C-090 G43UF-36B-070 G43UF-36C-090 G43UF-36C-090H G50DF-36A-070 G50DF-36A-070X G50DF-36B-090 G50UH-36A-070 G50UH-36A-070X G50UH-36B-090 G50UH-36B-090X G50UH-36C-110 G50UH-48C-110X G51MP-36B-045 G51MP-36B-070 G51MP-36C-090 G60DF-36A-070 G60DF-36A-070X G60DF-36B-090 G60UH-36A-070 G60UH-36A-070X G60UH-36B-090 G60UH-36C-110 G61MP-36B-045 G61MP-36B-070 G61MP-36B-071 GHR26Q2/3-50 GHR32Q2/3-50 GSR14Q3-50 GSR14Q3-80 GSR21Q3-50 GSR21Q3-80 ML180UH045P36A ML180UH045XP36A ML180UH070P36A ML180UH070XP36A ML180UH090P36B ML193DF045P36B ML193DF070P36B ML193UH045P36B ML193UH070P36B ML193UH090P36C ML195UH070P36B ML195UH090P36C O12Q3-105 O12Q4-105

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