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Lennox 49W66 Ignition Control Board

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NOTE: Part Part 49W66 replaced 98G29, 56J22, 48J66, 41K49, 31L53, 44L59, 48J6601, LB-86110A, 98G2901, 44L5901, 41K4901, 31L5301, 102186-01

Used in the following models:

G24-200A GCS16-024-50 GCS16-030-75 GCS16-036-90 GCS16-048-120 GCS16-048-75 GCS16-060-120 GCS16-060-75 GCS16-072-160 GCS16-090-200 GCS16-180-235 GCS16-180-375 GCS16-240-235 GCS16-240-375 GCS16-261-50 GCS16-311-50 GCS16-311-75 GCS16-411-100 GCS16-411-50 GCS16-411-75 GCS16-413-100 GCS16-413-50 GCS16-413-75 GCS16-511-125 GCS16-511-75 GCS16-513-125 GCS16-513-75 GCS16-651-125 GCS16-651-75 GCS16-653-125 GCS16-653-75 GCS16H-261-50 GCS16H-311-50 GCS16H-311-75 GCS16R-036-90 GCS16R-048-100 GCS16R-048-75 GCS16R-060-120 GCS16R-060-75 GCS16R-411-100 GCS16R-411-50 GCS16R-411-75 GCS16R-511-125 GCS16R-511-75 GCS16R-651-125 GCS16R-651-75 GCS16RX-411-100 GCS16RX-511-100 GCS16RX-651-100 GCS16X-411-100 GCS16X-413-100 GCS16X-511-100 GCS16X-513-100 GCS16X-651-100 GCS16X-653-100 GCS20-024-50 GCS20-030-75 GCS20-036-75 GCS20-036-90 GCS20-042-120 GCS20-042-75 GCS20-048-120 GCS20-048-75 GCS20-060-120 GCS20-060-75 GCS20-411-100 GCS20-411-50 GCS20-411-75 GCS20-413-100 GCS20-413-50 GCS20-413-75 GCS20-511-125 GCS20-511-75 GCS20-513-125 GCS20-513-75 GCS20-651-125 GCS20-651-75 GCS20-653-125 GCS20-653-75 GCS20H-024-50 GCS20H-030-75 GCS20H-261-50 GCS20H-311-50 GCS20H-311-75 GCS20R-024-50 GCS20R-030-75 GCS20R-036-75 GCS20R-036-90 GCS20R-042-120 GCS20R-042-75 GCS20R-048-120 GCS20R-048-75 GCS20R-060-120 GCS20R-060-75 GCS20R-411-100 GCS20R-411-50 GCS20R-411-75 GCS20R-461-125 GCS20R-461-75 GCS20R-511-125 GCS20R-511-75 GCS20R-651-125 GCS20R-651-75 GCS20RV-261-50 GCS20RV-311-50 GCS20RV-311-75 GCS20RV-411-100 GCS20RV-411-75 GCS20RV-461-125 GCS20RV-461-75 GCS20RV-511-125 GCS20RV-511-75 GCS20RV-651-125 GCS20RV-651-75 LGA036H LGA036H4 LGA036S LGA042H LGA042S LGA048H LGA048H4 LGA048S LGA060H LGA060H4 LGA060S LGA072H LGA072H4 LGA072S LGA088H LGA088S LGA090H LGA090H4 LGA100S LGA102H LGA102H2 LGA102H4 LGA102S LGA120H LGA120H4 LGA120S LGA150S LGA156H LGA180H LGA180S LGA210H LGA210S LGA240H LGA240H4 LGA240S LGA248H2 LGA248H4 LGA300H LGA300S LGA360H LGA360H4 LGC036S2 LGC042S2 LGC048S2 LGC060S2 LGC072S LGC072S4 LGC090S2 LGC102S LGC120S LGC120S4 LGC150S LGC150S4 LGC156H LGC156H4 LGC180H2 LGC180H4 LGC180S LGC210H2 LGC210H4 LGC210S LGC240S LGC300H2 LGC300H4 LGC300S LGC300S4 LGC360H2 LGC360H4 LGH036H4 LGH036S4 LGH048H4 LGH048S4 LGH060H4 LGH060S4 LGH072H4 LGH092H4 LGH102H4 LGH120H4 LGH150H4 LGH150S4 LGH156H4 LGH180H4 LGH210H4 LGH240H4 LGH300S4 LGH420H4 LGH420S4 LGH480H4 LGH480S4 LGH540S4 LGH600S4 SGA036H4 SGA060H4 SGA120H4 SGA240H4 SGA420S2 SGA480H4 SGA480S2 SGA540S2 SGA600S2 SGA600S4 SGB288H4 SGC036H4 SGC060H4

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