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Control Boards

  • $319.25 Lennox 36K54 Primary Control Board
    Replacement Info: NOTE: Part 36K54 replaced 88H89 88H8901 36K5401 Used in the following models: AFII-85-150 LX101 LX102 LX201 LX301 MC12-01 MC12-02 MC9-01 36K54
  • $329.00 Lennox 49M59 2 Stage Ignition Control Board
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 49M59 replaced 18M99 49M5901 18M9901 Used in the following models: G32V3-75 G32V5-100 G32V5-125 G60DFV-36A-070 G60DFV-36A-070X G60DFV-36B-090 G60DFV-36B-090X G60DFV-60C-090 G60DFV-60C-090X G60DFV-60C-110 G60DFV-60C-1...
  • $352.00 Lennox 76M30 Ignition Control Kit
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 76M30 Used in the following models: 76M30
  • $389.52 Lennox 39W76 Control Board Kit
    Replacement Info: NOTE: Part 39W76 replaced 70M22 34M53 LB-94416F LB-109491A 101685-01 Used in the following models: LCA048H LCA048H4 LCA060H4 LCA090H LCA090H4 LCA102H LCA102H4 LCA102S LCA120H LCA120H4 LCA120S LCA150S LCA248H2 LCA248H4 LCA360H LCA...

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