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  • $248.95 Lennox 19W94 Board Ignition Control Kit
    Replacement Info: NOTE: Part 19W94 replaced 65K07 LB-84495A LB-84495B Includes installation instructions, ignition wire and wiring harness. Used in the following models: 80MGF2-45A 80MGF2-60A 80MGF2-75A 80MGF2-75S 80MGF2X-45A 80MGF3/4-100A 80MGF3...
  • $249.00 Lennox 19W54 Control Board Kit
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 19W54 replaced 43K49 43K4901 Used in the following models: CGHA30AE CGHA45AE CGHA60AE LD24-100 LD24-100A LD24-100S LD24-125 LD24-125A LD24-125S LD24-150 LD24-150A LD24-150S LD24-200 LD24-200A LD24-200S LD24-250 LD24-25...
  • $253.80 Lennox 44F80 Control Board
    Genuine Lennox Replacement Part NOTE: Part 44F80 replaced 44F81,44F79, 37H36, 44F8101, 44F7901, 37H3601, 44F8001 Used in the following models: DM-25 DMR-10A DMR-10C DMR-15A DMR-15A1 LX101 LX102 LX201 MC10-01 MC10-03 MC10-05 MC11-01 MC12-01 MC12-02...
  • $254.00 Lennox 19M54 Ignition Control Replacement Kit
    Replacement Info: NOTE: 19M54 replaces R76716900 replaces R06428D384 replaces 43K49 replaces 20516601 replaces 43K4901
  • $274.00 Lennox 23L00 Defrost Timer Control
    Genuine Lennox Replacement Part
  • $279.84 Lennox 22W25 Relay Board Kit
    Replacement Info: NOTE: Part 22W25 replaced 50M67 30K99 30K98 30K97 30K96 30K95 18K88 18K87 18K86 18K85 18K84 18J83 18J82 18J81 18J80 18J79 18K8801 LB-112642A LB-101895A 18K8601 18K8501 18K8401 18J8301 18J8201 18J8101 18J8001 18J7901 Used in the fo...
  • $289.95 Lennox 11K84 Circuit Board Kit - 2 Speed
    Genuine Lennox Repair Part
  • $295.00 Lennox 11K82 Circuit Board Kit
    Genuine Lennox Repair Part
  • Lennox 60J00 Ignition Control Kit
    Lennox OEM Model 60J00 Pulse Ignition Control with cables Note: Part 60J00 replaced 99C97 97H02 96C66 87F22 86H30 73K86 72H68 56G14 52J18 41F46 34K83 99C9701 96C6601 87F2201 77C3801 56G1401PR 41F4601PR 34K8301 86H3001 73K8601 72H6801 52J1801 Used i...
  • $295.00 Lennox 85K82 Ignition Control Heat
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 85K82 replaced 85K82 Used in the following models: HM30-150 HM30-150P

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