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  • $179.00 Goodman Control Board For GSM B1809923S
    Quick Overview Control Board B1809923S, Used on all GSM units. Wiring harness & instructions included for use when replacing a B18099-12 module. Alternate part numbers B18099-23, 1012-934A & 1012-83-9. Brand New OEM Amana/Goodman B1809...
  • $182.75 Goodman Ignition Control Board PCBBF116S
    Replacement Info: Replaces the following part numbers: 10207713, 50A51-235
  • $185.95 Goodman Ignition Control Board PCBBF115S
    Replacement Info: Replaces the following part numbers: PCBBF115S,10207712
  • $188.00 York Heat Pump Control Board Part S1-03100251700
    For Use With: B1SP (24-120), B2SP (36-60), B3SP (24-30), E1CH (90-120), E2CP (18-60), E3CP (18-60), E4CP (60), SHP (50-120), Also used on these Models: E2CP18 E2CP60 E2CP036A06B E3CP18 E3CP60 E4CP60 SHP50 SHP120 S1-03100251700
  • $189.00 Lennox 63W27 Ignition Control Board Kit
    Replacement Info: NOTE: Part 63W27 replaced 19W60 100870-02 100870-03 100870-02 100870-01
  • $198.00 Lennox 59K21 Control Board
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 59K21 replaced 68K99 70J10 LB-90403A LB-90847A 70J1001 Used in the following models: AM30Q2/3-70 AM30Q2-40 AM30Q3/4-105 AM30Q3/4-70 AM30Q3/4-90 AM30Q4/5-120 AM30Q4/5-90 AM61V-24B-040 AM61V-36B-070 AM61V-36C-090 AM61V-...
  • $202.85 Lennox 10J58 Ignition Control Board
    Genuine Lennox Replacement Part NOTE: Part 10J58 replaced T6-2102 Used in the following models: LD24-100 LD24-100A LD24-100S LD24-125 LD24-125A LD24-125S LD24-150 LD24-150A LD24-150S LD24-200 LD24-200A LD24-200S LD24-250 LD24-250A LD24-250S LD24-3...
  • $219.00 Lennox 83M00 Board Ignition Control Kit Surelight
    Genuine Lennox Replacement Part Replacement Info: Note: Part 83M00 replaced 32M88 12L69 69M08 97L48 56L84 10M93 56L83 24L85 63K89 LB-109531A 97L4801 69M0801 63K8901 56L8401 56L8301 32M8801 24L8501 12L6901 10M9301 Used in the fol...
  • $239.28 Lennox 45M48 Primary Control
    Replacement Info: NOTE: 45M48 replaced 45M4801 Used in the following models: 45M48 AFII-85-150 LX-1301
  • $241.89 Lennox 89K24 Ignition Control Heat
    Replacement Info: Note: Part 89K24 replaced 62K35 89K2401 62K3501 Used in the following models: 89K24 replaced 62K35 89K2401 62K3501

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