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Expansion Valves


TXV - Thermal Expansion Valves

Thermostatic Expansion Valves can be mounted in any position on the evaporator coil inlet and are reliable, efficient and virtually trouble-free. Select the TXV to correspond with the tonnage of your air conditioner or heat pump, as well as to match the type of refrigerant your systems uses, R22 or R410A. They are required for 14 SEER or higher split system heat pumps, and an optional upgrade for other air conditioning systems.

Note: According to a california Energy Commision report, intalling TXV's in all systems would increase the seosonal efficiency 11%.

  • $92.75 Lennox 33W84 Expansion Valve W/CK
    Genuine Lennox TXV. NOTE: Part 33W84 replaced 100481-14 Note: 13HPX-018-230 13HPX-024-230 13HPX-030-230 13HPX-036-230 13HPX-042-230 13HPX-048-230 14HPX-018-230 14HPX-024-230 14HPX-030-230 4HP13B18P 4HP13B24P 4HP13B30P 4HP13B42P 4HP13L18P 4HP13L24P...
  • $109.25 Lennox 33W85 Expansion Valve W/CK
    Lennox Part 33W85 replaced 100481-15 Expansion Valve Used in the following models: 13HPX-036-230 13HPX-042-230 13HPX-048-230 13HPX-060-230 14HPX-036-230 14HPX-042-230 14HPX-048-230 14HPX-060-230 4HP13B36P 4HP13B42P 4HP13B48P 4HP13B60P 4HP13L36P...
  • $97.45 Lennox 33W97 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 33W97 Expansion Valve. NOTE: Part 33W97 replaced 100679-08 Used in the following models: TCA024S2, TCA030S2, TGA024S2, TGA030S2
  • $87.45 Lennox 39L72 Expansion Valve 3.5 - 5 Ton R410
    Expansion Valve 3.5-5Ton R410 (AC only). NOTE: Part 39L72 replaced 39L7201 Used in the following models: HS32-042 HS32-048 HS32-060 HSXA15-042-230 HSXA15-048-230 HSXA15-060-230 SCU14M42A SCU14M48A...
  • $104.88 Lennox 42J87 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 42J87 Expansion Valve  
  • $105.35 Lennox 42W33 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 42W33 Expansion Valve. NOTE: Part 42W33 replaced 100679-20 Used in the following models: KHA030S4
  • $119.25 Lennox 42W42 1.5 To 2.5 Ton Expansion Valve Kit
    Genuine Lennox Part 42W42. NOTE: 42W42 replaced 19W97, 97M84, 23W14, 100481-12, 100481-11, 100481-05, 600370-01 Used in the following models: 13HPX-018-230 13HPX-024-230 13HPX-030-230 14HPX-018-230 14HPX-024-230 14HPX-030-230 4SHP13LB118P...
  • $72.45 Lennox 43G02 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 43G02 Expansion Valve. NOTE: Part 43G02 replaced 43G0201 Used in the following models: C12-1120 C12-840 CB18-65 CB19-65 CBS18-65 CH16-51 CR12-1120 CR12-840 CR16-51 CR16-65
  • $84.95 Lennox 43W22 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 43W22 Expansion Valve. NOTE: Part 43W22 replaced 100481-16 Used in the following models: 13HPX-060-230, 4HP13B60P, 4HP13L60P, 4HP16LT60P, 4SHP16LT160P, SPB060H4S4, TPA060S4, XP13-060-230,...
  • $78.45 Lennox 48K00 Expansion Valve
    Lennox 48K00 Expansion Valve. NOTE: Part 48K00 replaced 48K0001 Used in the following models: CHP26-036, PHP12A36, PHP12A36DA, PHP12B36DA, RPH12A36DA, RPH12B36DA, SHP10C42A, SHP10C42B, SHP10C42C, SHP12A42A, SHP12B42A,...

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